A day in the life of Mr Bentley, Longcroft Fontwell

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Hello cat lovers,

Mr Bentley here.  I’m in charge at the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in Fontwell, near Chichester.  Helen likes to think she’s the owner, but obviously I’m the manager of everything.

I was rescued by the lovely humans at Blue Cross in Southampton, who also selected my rather majestic name. It really suits my personality.
Helen and her Mum think they chose me from the rescue centre, but I actually chose them when I heard them talking about gardens and trees. I love climbing and hunting!
Helen has always wanted to look after more cats, but I didn’t want any more in the house. So we discussed whether we could have a cattery. I wasn’t keen, as so many look like prisons, and I’d already spent time at Blue Cross (although they were so kind to me there). But I did think it would be good for both of us if Helen stopped commuting to London every day. That should help me get my dinner earlier!

Well, both our lives changed for the better when Helen spotted the Longcroft website. Abi and Shelley came to Fontwell to visit our lovely garden and agreed that it would be ideal for a luxury cat hotel. I sat in on the business discussions to ensure everything was focussed on the needs of the cats. They did seem pretty keen on spoiling cats, with lots of talk of food, especially my favourites, Dreamies, and luxurious heating and beds.

Helen then spent lots of time on that boring computer, with the so called mouse that I’m not allowed to touch. I helped with measuring the gardens, sitting on maps and finding the best position for the hotel, so the guests would have a good view of the garden, and the right amount of sun and shade.












Things got really exciting when the building work started! I kept close watch and inspected everything thoroughly each evening when the men had left. I was amazed when the beds and exercise trees arrived. They are so much better than my own stuff, I nearly asked Helen if I could have my own suite!

We were very busy at Christmas with lots of new guests. I kept walking by to reassure newcomers that all was well, and that Helen loved cats, so they would have a great time. They all loved their beautiful Longcroft stockings, and their new toys.









To any of you hesitating about whether you’ll enjoy a stay in a hotel, do get your family to come and look around, it really is so comfortable and restful here at Longcroft Fontwell. And if your parents are thinking about a change of lifestyle, give them a firm nudge towards the Longcroft website. Running a cat hotel has to be one of the best choices for families and their lucky kitties. And I do get my dinner when I want it!

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