It’s a Whiskery Wonderland this Christmas

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Longcroft Christmas

Longcroft Christmas

It’s been reported that UK cat owners will spend as much money on gifts for their feline friends, as they might on their friends or family this Christmas! 

Here at Longcroft we are all about celebrating our feline friends and ensuring they live in the comfort and style they deserve. But we’re not the only ones prioritising our fabulous felines. More and more of us are choosing to share our homes with cats and we are definitely treating them like fully fledged members of the family! 

We all agree that cats can enrich our daily lives, there are now some 11 million pet cats in the UK – that’s a whopping 26% of our households. And this number continues to grow year on year.  Owners are seeing how their cats help them relieve the stress of their sometimes hectic, modern lives. Interestingly, this sees an increasing trend towards humanisation – giving them the kitty equivalent of the extra special luxuries and treats that we enjoy, especially during the festive holidays.

Is there any sound more relaxing or soothing than the purring of a contented feline? … we don’t think so!  So, it’s no surprise that the majority of cat owners will treat their beloved pets to a Christmas stocking this year, full of tasty treats and enticing toys. Many will also receive a special Christmas dinner – perhaps with some carefully prepared salmon, a little gravy, and all washed down with a delicious cup of cat milk!

Despite the current cost of living crisis, pet care continues to be a thriving industry in the UK. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that expenditure on our pets and pet related products continues to grow year-on-year, reaching an annual value of 9.89 million British pounds in 2022. Spending at Christmas definitely reflects this trend.

Plus, treating our cats at Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank and can be enormously rewarding.  Children and adults alike can enjoy helping their feline friends open their advent calendars in the run up to the big day, unwrap some exciting new toys under the tree, or, at the very least, enjoy playing with the wrapping!

If you’re looking for the purrrfect gift for the feline in your life, check out Longcroft’s Must Have Kitty Christmas Gift List.

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