Longcroft FroliCat Review

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Knowing that Longcroft cats expect and deserve only the best, we have been asked by the lovely people at Petsafe  if we would like to test their FroliCat™ interactive toys with our feline guests and conduct a FroliCat review. What a question! We’re always game, and while the laser pointer is still fun, the promise of “pouncing, chasing, jumping, and maybe even the occasional half-twist somersault” meant we couldn’t wait for their toys to arrive here!

The toys arrived in very appealing packaging. Their design is clean and simple and they are all white. We like that they are very easy to wipe, as we clean and disinfect all toys inbetween uses.

Cassis and Epernay, two beautiful Birmans, were first to put the Pounce to the test. Pounce is an automatic hide-and-seek cat toy and Cassis and Epernay absolutely loved  it!
The yellow mouse that goes around the Pounce hides and changes direction. It was such fun to watch the two cats watching the mouse and waiting for it to appear from hiding.


A definite thumbs up from us for the Pounce!

The Dart/Dart Duo is an automatic rotating laser light. If you have cats, then you know that lasers are the best thing ever, and the Dart does not disappoint. It is quite noisy due to the motor and the wriggling top that makes the laser jump, and we were a little concerned that our guests might be put off by the noise. We tested it on several of our guests, and all of them thought the Dart was fascinating! The cats were intrigued by the rotating top, and once they spotted the laser there was no stopping them chasing it!

Another thumbs up for the Dart!

The Bolt is the smallest of the devices tested. It is a laser toy that can run automatically or be hand held. In automatic mode the laser can appear anywhere, on the walls, the floor or the ceiling, and again, Cassis and Epernay, our two playful Birmans were absolutely captivated. The Bolt kept them interested for a long time.

Here is a little video of another guest, Simon, playing with the Bolt.

A third thumbs of for the Bolt from us!

To conclude our FroliCat review, we are happy to report that all the FroliCat toys we tested with our guests were Longcroft approved!

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