Our Top Tips for Contented Cats this Autumn

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Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel's Top Safety Tips for Autumn

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel's Top Safety Tips for AutumnHello cat lovers,

With Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up, have you thought about your cat’s safety and well-being yet?

Here are our top cat safety tips for Autumn:

  • If your kitty usually enjoys going outside, keep them inside after dark, provide them with a litter tray and securely fasten all doors, cat flaps and windows.
  • Try to minimise any outside noise by keeping your curtains drawn and playing some calming music.
  • Think about setting up a dedicated room for your cats. Pop their favorite bed toys and blanket in the room and sit with them if you see that they are anxious, creating a den or hiding place by using a simple cardboard box can also help anxiety. 
  • You can also use a calming plug-in: we like to use Pet Remedy and Feliway for extra comfort.  

At Longcroft we take extra special care of our guests over Bonfire week.  One of the huge benefits of having a small number of guests means we are able to check in regularly throughout early afternoon and into late evening to offer reassurance. Additionally our suites are constructed with the highest quality materials which offer excellent soundproofing from outside noises. We never use timber construction at Longcroft as it can be a fire hazard, has little to no soundproofing and is very hard to keep clean. 

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