Longcroft’s guide to feline purrrrsonality

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Cat Purrrsonalities

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel's guide to feline purrrrsonality ...

Here at Longcroft we pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our feline guests as individuals. Of course, we provide the same standard of award-winning, stylish and comfortable accommodation for all guests. But we are also focused on finding the right ways to personalise each guest’s stay – helping them to feel as relaxed, happy and confident as they might do at home.

So, it’s hugely important to every Longcroft hotel owner to get to know your cat’s unique purrrrsonality! Cats sometimes have a reputation for being independent and picky, but while this may be true of some of your feline friends, just like with humans, we know that no two cats are the same. Many love to be given plenty of human attention and nurturing to make them feel content and others can’t wait for some high energy playtime!

Here are some of the different kitty characteristics that we see in many of our gorgeous guests. Which ones remind you of the pussycat in your life?

  • Is your cat a people purrrrson or more of an independent soul? Some cats aren’t content unless they’re by your side, ‘helping’ with daily tasks, jumping on your desk to nudge you while you work, or waiting to greet you as you come through the door. Others are happy to have more alone time and are more selective about seeking attention – perhaps they’re more likely to curl up with you for a quiet cuddle at the end of the day or want to sit next to you rather than being the centre of attention. Some cats will come running and meowing when you call their name or like to greet new guests to the house. Some even like to make social visits to the neighbours on a regular basis for second breakfasts or dinners!  While others are more likely to hide away when there are visitors and prefer to stick to their home turf – perhaps they just seek you out when it suits them, selectively choosing when to bestow their affections.
  • Are they vocal? Many cats never let out much more than a quiet whispurrr to show they are content – usually when they are most relaxed. Others display a whole range of sounds and have their own kitty language of different meows, depending on their mood. Does your cat announce themselves with a meow when entering the room or are they more the sort to silently creep up on you without being noticed?
  • It’s not always just kittens that like to play. Some cats stay very active and playful even as they reach older age. Many of our guests love the stimulation of chasing a feather waggler and pouncing on a cat-nip filled mouse. In this case we’ll make sure to give pussycats plenty of attention and try to vary the nature of their play to keep them interested. Whereas others cats prefer to retreat to the comfort of a hidey hole or box, especially when they have just arrived somewhere new or are introduced to new people for the first time. We always make sure to provide small, cosy, safe spaces for them as needed.
  • Does your cat wake you in the morning by walking across your head or are they more likely to join you in a long, lazy lie in? Some cats are definitely morning creatures and need plenty of attention and stimulation from early in their day. While others are to be found sleeping most of the day and perhaps save their exertions for night time, when they stealthily prowl around the neighbourhood or survey their homes at night.
  • Is your cat a water fan? Although cats are commonly known to not be keen on water, some actually quite enjoy it. Is your cat affronted by rain and do they complain loudly when they get wet? Or perhaps they’re more intrigued – visiting you in the bathroom out of curiosity and playing with the taps?

So, when you book your kitty in for their holiday with us, remember to let us know what they’re like. For those that need plenty of stimulation and human interaction and attention we definitely recommend our All Inclusive Package so we can spend more one-on-one time with them and offer a richer variety of activities. This is also appropriate for older cats or those with medical needs, who may need extra nurturing and cuddle time as well as administering medication. Whatever options you choose for your cat, we will be sure to tailor their Longcroft experience to their unique and special purrrrsonality – we can’t wait to get to know them!

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