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Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel's Holiday Checklist

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel's Holiday ChecklistIt’s that time of year when we all start getting ready for the summer holidays, whether it’s stocking up on the sun cream, choosing some fabulous new swimwear or making sure those all-important passports and travel documents are up to date. And for those of us with one or more fabulous felines in our lives, nothing could be more important than making sure our fur-babies will be well cared for while we are away. You need to be able to truly relax on holiday, safe in the knowledge that your beloved pets are also having the time of their lives too!

That’s where Longcroft comes in. For anyone who has booked their kitties into a Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in the past, they know that all of our locations provide the highest standards of animal welfare, allowing kitties to relax and be pampered, or prowl and play – whatever their personalities require. We are all about tailoring stays to the needs of each individual cat, so they are happy and safe throughout the entire time you’re away.

To make sure things go purrrrfectly for your kitties’ Longcroft stay, we have put together the following Longcroft Holiday Checklist for guests when they book with us:

  1. Complete our Guest Profile Form to tell us everything we need to know about your kitty – from detailed dietary requirements to playtime preferences and medical needs.
  2. Complete our online Veterinary Treatment Form. Longcroft of course has fully comprehensive cover to insure cats in our care. In the unlikely event that we need to seek veterinary advice or treatment while you are away, this gives us permission to do so.
  3. Check that your pussycats’ vaccinations are up to date, as well as their worming and flea treatments and send us copies of vaccination certificates by email. Do this in plenty of time in case any updates are need. For further information, see Longcroft’s Guide to Feline Vaccinations.
  4. Please let us know your choice of check-in and check-out times for your booking. We like to arrange these in advance to provide maximum convenience of travel arrangements for you and to ensure we have plenty of one-on-one time with your kitties to help settle them into their suites and get their stay off to the best possible start. And if assistance with travel is required, don’t forget to ask us for a quotation from one of our reliable, insured drivers to provide chauffeur transfers to and from your home.
  5. Please settle the deposit for your booking and then the holiday balance by 48 hours before check-in. Once you have paid your deposit, we promise to reserve the suite in question for your kitties so you have peace of mind that your holiday arrangements are confirmed. If any changes are needed to your dates and timings, we ask you to get in touch as soon as possible to give us the best chance to answer your requirements, especially over busy holiday periods.
  6. Consider which package is most suitable for your kitties – our Everyday or All Inclusive package? You can find out more detail about both packages here. Selecting our All Inclusive package is not just about providing your kitty with premium food options – it includes a more tailored approach, with your cat receiving additional sessions of one-to-one human interaction, play time and pampering to suit their individual needs as well as extras such as water fountains or calming aids. This package might suit energetic cats needing lots of stimulation, or perhaps older cats with medical needs who need particular treatment and care. If you’re missing your fur babies, you’ll also receive more regular communication and photos from us, giving you the assurance you need that they’re having the purrrfect holiday too!
  7. And finally please confirm any Luxury Grooming Upgrades you may like to treat your pussycats too, such as our Ultimate Spa Day or Full Body Groom. Kitties deserve a little holiday pampering just like their humans!

Relax and have fun! All of our Longcroft Hotel owners are dedicated to playing their part by ensuring your kitties receive the best possible care and enjoy their holidays with us, so you can focus on having the best holiday too! To book your pussycat’s Longcroft stay, book with one of our gorgeous hotels …

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