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Happy April everyone, so glad Spring has arrived and I can resume my patrols in the hotel garden.

When I was chasing leaves yesterday, Helen said I was behaving like a kitten, which made me smile because I’m well into the mature cat food selection on the Longcroft menu.  Helen rescued me when I was about 2, so she didn’t know me as a cute kitten, just a handsome boy.  Although I can still do cute when I need to…

We do get to play with lots of lovely kittens here at Longcroft Fontwell.  There are times when we meet their new families before they even get their new babies, and they are worrying what to do about holidays once they have their kittens and we love showing them around our luxury hotel, letting them feel the soft bed pillows and talking about the food and care that we can provide for them throughout their stay….we know kittens need lots of time and attention and plenty of stimulation.

That was how we got to know our friends Mitsy and Crunch soon after the hotel opened. We can’t wait to see them again this summer.

Mr Bentleys Blog | Kittens at Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

Kittens always settle into our lovely hotel very quickly. They love the care, attention and fuss that Helen gives them. We make sure that every day is fun with plenty of entertainment and playtime too.  We have ladders for the little ones if they can’t jump up to their beds and these often become a favourite play area.  All our suites have plenty of room for energetic kittens and quiet, snug and warm bedrooms for relaxation.

Mr Bentleys Blog | Kittens at Longcroft Luxury Cat HotelThey all love our super large cat trees and often tell their families they would like the same thing when they get back home.  This can help divert their attention from climbing and shredding other human furniture. We have a lovely selection of kitten food, which we can serve at whatever time the young ones are used to being fed.  Or we are happy to serve their own food if they are on a breed-specific diet … and Helen is great at preparing the odd treat or 2 if their diet allows this.

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Some of our regular guests have grown up visiting Longcroft Fontwell, and treat it as a home from home. It is lovely when they jump out of their cat box and onto the bed as though they haven’t been away.  Betsie has visited us often as she has been growing up, and she always brings her favourite mouse!

Although we have lots of toys for playtime, some kittens still have their own favourites which they bring to make their suite look like home. Cool Elvis, the Rock and Roll kitten, arrived with his own suitcase of Christmas jumpers for his holiday.  He loved modelling them for visitors.

Mr Bentley's Blog | Kittens at Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel FontwellMost smaller kittens haven’t yet learned to use a cat flap.  But many of them enjoy Helen‘s cat-flap training with toys and treats, and usually pass their test very quickly.  If not, we can safely hook the flap up so that they can run between their bedroom and play area.

We look forward to meeting your fur babies soon, I may even wave my tail at them as I patrol the garden….

Mr Bentley =^^=

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell

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