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Abi Purser

Owner and Founder of Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels. She opened the first Longcroft hotel in her family home.

Matt Purser

Abi's husband and Longcroft's IT Director.


Strategy and Business Development Manager


Head of Marketing


Head Vet


Planning Consultant


Intellectual Property


Head of Franchise Development


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel St Albans


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Winchmore Hill


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Royston


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Pamber Heath


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Braintree


Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Southport

Is this you?


If you’re a parent who wants a career that you can run from your home and that fits in with the children’s routines, and still provides a substantial salary, a Longcroft Hotel could be ideal for you.

Animal Lover

If you’re an animal lover who wants to work closely in an industry that you love, and who is passionate about creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for cats, you could be just what we’re looking for.


If you're ambitious, enthusiastic and looking for an exciting new change of career, or a career that can supplement your other earnings, do contact us.


If you’re retired or approaching retirement, and are looking for a business to supplement your pension, a Longcroft Hotel is ideal. It can also present a viable alternative to downsizing your property.

Home Owner

If you're the owner of the property you live in. Longcroft hotels are situated in the grounds of your property, so you must be the owner of the property to apply for one of our hotel partnerships.


If you think that we should get to know you, get in touch with our Franchise Team:

Case Study

Winchmore Hill


Emma Seddon

Previous Occupation

IT Project Manager

Favourite cat

Charlie and Lola - my rescue cats

I've been a hotel owner since


My Experience So Far

I've always wanted to run my own business. Combine that with working with cats and still being at home and available for my young children, and you have the dream job!
Finding the right cattery for my own cats has always been important to me, and I know how difficult it is to find that perfect place. I am looking to offer a personal service to each and every guest and they will be treated as if they were one of the family!


Q How is Longcroft different from other existing Cat Hotel businesses?

A It’s all about the detail. We are incredibly detail-oriented, from the choice of bedding to the materials we use in our hotel construction. Every element has been chosen for a very specific reason. Every Longcroft hotel looks beautiful, but most importantly the behind the scenes processes have been honed to perfection with animal welfare being at the forefront of our mission. We never sit still and are constantly innovating and tweaking things, which is the main reason have won so many business awards.

Q Why is Longcroft particularly suited to being a franchise?

A We structured Longcroft around our franchisees’ busy lives. Our mission is to create an enjoyable, profitable and sustainable business that is run from home on a flexible basis.

Q What support does Longcroft offer franchisees?

A Longcroft has a dedicated PR team who create a launch plan for each hotel. We use our press contacts to arrange for franchisees to get featured in the local press, on the radio and potentially TV. This ensures that their Longcroft Hotel opening gains an immediate high profile within their region. We also have an annual marketing plan which includes month by month campaigns to ensure bookings are kept at full volume. Finally we have fully designed promotional templates – for local advertising, leaflets and email newsletters for franchisees to make use of, plus a supportive network of head office team and other franchisees.

Q What advantages will franchisees have over starting their own cat hotel brand?

A Joining an established multi award winning business is a great comfort for cat owners wishing to use Longcroft hotels. This in itself is invaluable. To launch as a solo cat hotel and build these elements of your business from scratch, including creating and registering a business and domain name, building a website and social media network, designing stationery, and commissioning photographers, writers, PR and Marketing, would be very time consuming and expensive. There are other networking benefits that come from joining the Longcroft family, such as the reassurance that there’s always someone to reach out to when needed. It’s a ‘mini’ business network with those who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of your business.

Q Do you have any criteria you look for in a potential Longcroft franchisee?

A Firstly they must be personable and animal loving. We make sure we conduct all of the interviews personally and prefer it if franchisees have no previous experience as we do things so differently at Longcroft. Of course there are other elements to consider like the type of property- some properties would never obtain planning permission around the constraints of licensing etc. Planning is very involved, and can go wrong very early on which is why we take care of it. Funding is another hurdle for some people, but most of our franchisees are profitable within year two, making business plans robust and commercial loans easier to obtain.

Q I am really interested in becoming a Longcroft franchisee. What do I do now?

A Get in touch with our Franchise Team by email ( They will guide you through our application process.