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Longcroft Romsey / Hampshire


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Meet The Family

Georgie and her husband Chris are both huge animal lovers. They are thrilled to be running
Longcroft Romsey in the unique and peaceful location of Georgie’s childhood home, New
Barn Farm in Lockerley. It’s the purrrfect setting to combine Georgie’s passion for all things
feline with Chris’ expertise as a small animal vet.

“Chris and I met in South Africa, where he was working as a small animal vet and I worked
in corporate marketing and customer service, before running my own swim school franchise.
When we moved back to the UK together, we brought with us our two beloved Burmese
pussy cats, Vida and Tito.

“I adore cats and was keen to find a way to work with animals, based in the gorgeous
Hampshire countryside. One day I was searching for somewhere for Vido and Tito to stay
and I came across Longcroft. I could see that it would make ideal holiday accommodation for
my two cats, but it also sparked the idea that I could run my own luxury cat hotel. And now
here we are with our own hotel, here on my family home at New Barn Farm.

“I love running Longcroft Romsey and getting to meet and care for so many gorgeous
pussycats. I know from Vida and Tito, that every cat is very much an individual with their
own specific needs. I feel so privileged to be entrusted with the care of my customers’ furry
friends. I love spending time getting to know them all and making their stays as comfortable
as possible, from grooming and kitty pampering to feather-filled play time! And it’s always
great for me to know I have Chris on hand too, with his veterinary experience and huge
passion for animal welfare.

“I look forward to getting to know your feline friends and making them feel at home at our
relaxing countryside retreat for holidaying pussycats!”

Call us on 0800 50 50 50

  • Helen has permanent custom from us and our babies for life!

    We have 3 month old Ragdoll kittens Mitsy and Crunch and after visiting Helen at Longcroft to have a look around I simply knew they had to come here whilst we went on holiday! We drove over an hour and a half to Helens and it was worth every second. Not only did she look after them extraordinarily well but kept me informed all week on how they were doing with emails and pictures! They came home like they had never been away! Helens warming nature immediately put us at ease and she has permanent custom from us and our babies for life! Would thoroughly recommend you visit to see for yourself. Big big thanks to Helen!

    Marie Lewis

  • Thank you

    It was the first time we were leaving our to kittens and Lorraine and Adrian totally put us at ease - we loved the pictures we got sent too. Thank you so so much guys.

    Ben Katie

  • Go and see Aly, you really won't regret it!

    "Stan (big, 14 year old cream bad lad!) had been visiting the same cattery for 10 years ... not any more!! What a place - bright, light, airy but snug and really, really clean and fresh, - like a beautiful show house for cats! Stan was a bit cautious when he first got there but after a couple of days of mackeral, milk, playing and luxury bedding he was quite at home ... well actually very at home! The bonus was that he was really, really clean - the mini spa worked wonders! Found it by happy chance and cannot recommend it highly enough - go and see Aly, you really won't regret it!"

    The GamingCube

  • We've already booked again for our Summer break

    Maya has just returned from a 10 day stay being pampered by the wonderful Gill at Longcroft St Albans. I don't mean to be disparaging about the hard working people at 'normal' catteries but Maya returned from one of the better ones in the Summer clearly traumatised. She is a timid pedigree and mainly an indoor cat. She was so much happier at Longcroft and this time we could also relax while we were away, enjoying the regular pics and emails from Gill. Maya could enjoy her regular food, toys and bowl and was perfectly groomed too. We've already booked again for our Summer break. Thanks again Gill.

    David and Izabela

  • It's the best holiday they have ever had

    Having viewed at least 10 places locally and feeling very disheartened by the lack of connection with the proprietors , their lack of real passion in cats and also seeing that the cat suites where nothing more than just a basic wooden shelter with little security I was about to give up. Then I saw an advert for Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel, I immediately went the website and I knew there and then that I had found my cats the perfect safe place. Having put my 16yr old in a cattery before he had destroyed his room, pulled the cat flap away from the internal wall, so I was really worried. But to my surprise he quickly took to Abi and his new holiday home, within a few minutes he was eating and quiet contended. The 2 girls both seemed a little more cautious but after a while settled in happily. Abi knew it was my first time leaving them in a new place and that my eldest was on tablets and my youngest was very nervous and hated being away from me for long periods, but I knew they were safe and Abi would look after them. It was the first time I have left them and not looked back wondering if they are OK, are they happy? Which actually made my vacation more enjoyable. When I returned to collect them I was a little sad that they did not rush to meet me, instead they were lying on their beds chilling in no rush to move. I have already booked their next Holiday for 2015. If they could actually speak to me they would say ‘it’s the best holiday they have ever had and could I go away more often’.

    Paula Perrin

  • A guaranteed home away from home

    I have been bringing my cats to stay with Abi at Longcroft for several years now and I could argue that they prefer being there to being at home! They clearly love it there as when I collect them they are content, relaxed and have clearly thrived. Abi is always very aware of the welfare of cats in her care, and on occasions when I've had concerns about the health of one of my cats she has kept a close eye on him, monitored his weight and how much he was eating and kept me updated of how he was whilst I was away. A guaranteed home away from home for cats.

    Angela Dehadrey

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