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Our all inclusive guests receive plenty of additional human time and individual one on one care. We tailor this around your cat’s personality and individual needs and offer small and regular capsules of time for bonding which is especially important and particularly valuable for our first time guests that have never stayed away from home before. All inclusive care is perfect for:

  • Guests that have had a previous negative experience in a large scale commercial cattery.
  • Guests that need more attention than a cat sitter popping in is able to give.
  • Young guests that need regular small meals and lots of cuddles.
  • Elderly guests that need close monitoring.
  • Timed medication on request.
  • Diabetic care package on request.
  • Pedigree guests with additional grooming needs.
  • Active personalities that require more stimulation through play and enrichment.

All inclusive guests can enjoy our enhanced grooming services. This includes long haired coat maintenance to help keep coats healthy and tangles at bay. Tear stain maintenance with a gentle eye cleanse.

Sphynx care … Just because we have no hair doesn’t mean we don’t need special care! All inclusive Sphynx guests can enjoy a gentle bathe and dry and ear cleanse. Laundry service for jumpers and clothing included too!


This can be anything from sitting and having a cup of tea with our guests to gentle nurturing, regular contact and bonding with nervous cats particularly those who have come from a rescue background and need extra support.


We love to tailor our enrichment plans based on your cat’s breed, personality and individual play style. We allow them to experience different types of toys and tweak the frequency to understand what they enjoy and when.

At Longcroft we really go the extra mile to understand your cat’s personality so they come home after being loved, well fed and happy ensuring you will come back to Longcroft time and time again.


We are passionate about delivering excellent care and are skilled in administering all types of medication in a kind and gentle way.

Diabetes  Timed insulin injections and additional care package on request.

Tablets / liquid medication – we know that most guests do not enjoy taking tablets so we listen to what you do at home and replicate this.

Asthma We are confident in the administration of Asthmatic medication and take a kind and gentle approach.

Please chat with us about any other requirements.




  • All premium brands of wet and dry food *
  •  Unlimited choices from our freshly prepared and hand cooked A La Cat Menu™. This menu is made in small batches to suit the fussiest of feline taste buds!
  • Unlimited choices from our Mini Bar snack and treat Menu with everything from Dreamies to Lik-E-Lix and Treat Sticks available in every flavour imaginable.

  • Tailored meal times and portion control – just let us know what times you would like us to serve your kitties meals, we can accommodate breakfast, elevenses, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. We even offer a late dinner option.
  • Bring your own! We totally understand if you would like to bring your own food. We are happy to store this for you for the duration of your kitties stay and be reassured that your kitty will still enjoy all of the other wonderful care and grooming elements of this premium tailored package. 
  • For those kitties that are fed a raw diet or any subscription based food packages please do let us know in advance in order for us to reserve the freezer space.

    *with the exception of raw food choices and subscription based food such as Katkin due to the minimal order quantities.


    All dishes are freshly prepared for you by your Longcroft human – Served on finest bone china at a time of your choice!

    Longcroft Lean
    Succulent slices of slow poached chicken, Ideal for chicken lovers and low calorie for our cuddlier guests!

    Succulent Salmon
    Carefully prepared, individually steamed and hand flaked.

    A La Cat™ Trio
    For our hungrier guests or the feline that just can’t decide!
    Have it all with our mouthwatering trio of poached chicken, finest hand flaked salmon and huge juicy king prawns.

    Simply King Prawns
    6 huge juicy king prawns, pan seared to order – our signature dish!

    Evening Milky Whiskers Turndown Service 
    Choose your favourite bedtime treat from our mini bar, add creamy cat milk and finish with a cuddle or whatever else floats your feline boat!


    All inclusive snuggle up!

    All inclusive snuggle up!

    Being an all inclusive guest means every evening you will receive a visit from your dedicated cat  loving human who will tuck you in at bedtime with a small selection of treats of your choice to see you through until breakfast time.

    A Mini housekeeping water change / top up and litter check  is included.

    Bed time tuck ins and mini evening housekeeping.

    Milky whiskers – our all inclusive guests can also choose a side of lactose free milk to settle them down into a slumber. 


    Useful Links

    Please click here to complete your cat’s  Guest Pet Profile Form

    Please click here to complete your cat’s Veterinary Treatment Form

    We won't take our cats anywhere else

    Our cats wellbeing is our top priority when we have to leave town and we are so delighted to have found Claire and Tim! The suite that our two cats shared was clean, comfortable and bright. One of our cats is a tripod (three legged) and Claire and Tim made sure that the suite was equipped with a set of stairs for Hattie and they were unfazed by any needs that she had. They looked after the cats as if they were their own, and we won't take our cats anywhere else to be looked after.


    I can not recommend them enough

    My cat Snowbell has just spent 2 weeks at Longcroft and I can't praise Claire and Tim enough. I have only had Snowbell since September so I was nervous about leaving her for 2 weeks, but I needn't have worried Claire and Tim took excellent care of her and I got updates and photos every couple of days of how Snowbell was getting along . Longcroft will be my first call when I next go on holiday, as I know what great care they give I can not recommend them enough


    You want want to put your babies anywhere else!!

    My 3 boys stayed at Chelmsford long Croft luxury cat hotel last week for 8 days. Claire sent me lovely photos of my boys enjoying their holiday. Also the boys got a bag of goodies to bring home with them. Claire & Tim said my boys were so good. I was so happy with the way the family looked after my boys, I highly recommend this place. Give it a try you want want to put ur babies anywhere else!!


    Claire & Tim are clearly cat lovers

    Our two cats - Barney & Todd - stayed at Longcroft Chelmsford last week and we were absolutely delighted with the care they received. They are usually very nervous of cattery's, but seemed to settle in very easily. Claire & Tim are clearly cat lovers and take genuine care of the cats they are looking after. We will certainly be back and are very grateful to Claire & Tim. We would have no hesitation in recommending to other cat owners.


    I can’t sing their praises highly enough

    Our four cats have just come back from their holiday with Claire and Tim at Longcroft, Chelmsford and I can’t sing their praises highly enough. We loved the regular updates and photos and the fact that they were with people who quite clearly loved cats. They have come home complaining loudly that our standards here, aren’t meeting their expectations and are already looking forward to their next holiday at longcroft. An unexpected bonus was a party bag containing some toys and treats. Would definitely recommend them


    Highly recommend!

    I was extremely anxious to leave my 16 y old rescue baby whilst away but Claire and Tim put my mind at ease instantly and I knew he would be in great hands. We collected Boxer today and to be honest I'm not sure he wanted to leave longcroft chelmsford! He loves his goody bag and is so soft from his daily grooms. Highly recommend! X



    at Longcroft Chelmsford ...


    We tailor your cats’ stay to suit their breed, age and ability. This is particularly important with our younger and more senior guests or guests that may have pre existing injuries or compromised eyesight or hearing. Things we could add / change for you might be

    • Water fountain 
    • Feliway Plug in 
    • Ladder 
    • Extra blankets
    • Bed placements
    • Cat flap assistance



    Private Chauffeur service available for collection and return home (price on request)


    We love nothing more than to wave you off into the sunset whilst we and your cats have a suite party! 

    All inclusive guests enjoy complimentary Birthday and Christmas Celebrations if this date falls during their stay. 

    We also love to celebrate your…

    Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries

    Celebration boxes are available to purchase £25.00

    Full Feline Fine body groom £35.00

    Pampering Ultimate Spa Day and “Posh Dinner” package  £45.00


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    Price Per Room

    Large Suite

    Perfect for one guest but large enough for two.

    1 x guest £31

    2 x guests £40

    Extra Large Suite

    Perfect for one or two guests to share but large enough for three.

    1 x guest £36

    2 x guests £47 

    3 x guests £60

    Interconnecting Suites

    Great for multi cat families or guests with lots of energy! Large enough for up to 4 guests to share.

    from £54 – £100 per day

    We offer complete packages too!

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