Oriental Cat Society Cat Show

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Oriental Cat Society Cat Show

I have always been a cat owner and lover and opened Longcroft St Albans seven years ago so have the pleasure of looking after so many beautiful feline guests in a loving and expert way every day.

I was delighted to asked to be the guest judge, responsible for judging the household pet section at The OCS (Oriental Cat Society) Cat Show. The show promised to be an exciting day out for cat lovers and owners alike with the the household pet section proving to be really popular. There were so many different cats of varying colours, sizes and shapes – all unique and beautiful.

I had some tough decisions to make but I am confident the right cat won.  The judges were all brilliant and very helpful… as it was my first time …. and the pet owners were lovely and all obviously loved their cats.  It was great to talk to each of them after judging and hear all the stories about their beautiful kitties.  I had the best day ever, spending a few hours cuddling cats – what’s not to love!

I awarded the Longcroft prize, a luxury hamper filled with tasty treats, cat toys and a super soft blanket to Mrs S Dollling’s Begby’s House of Noir (what a name!).  He was entered in a couple of categories and the first time I handled him he was quiet shy (it was his first time too!) and reserved but when I came to assess him later his increased confidence as the show progressed was clear to see and he was actually enjoying himself immensely.  This meant his true personality and cheeky character shone through. He was also very well prepared, with glossy jet black coat and big bright eyes.  Definitely a worthy Longcroft winner. The owners were incredibly grateful , although a little shocked I think and so proud of their little boy.  This has given them the confidence to enter Begby into more shows in the future.

The OCS Cat Show was held at Moulton College, Northampton.

 Gill Reynolds, Owner Longcroft St Albans

 Oriental Cat Society Cat Show

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