A summer holiday for you and your beloved kittens

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summer holidays

As lockdown eases, many of us around the UK are hoping to get away on holiday this spring or summer. From 17th May it looks hopeful that we will once again be able to enjoy indoor hospitality and stay in accommodation away from home, including hotels and B&Bs. Many of us are also planning to resume international travel. Here at Longcroft, we can take care of your beloved kittens and cats so that you can make the most of these long-awaited opportunities to travel and have a well-earned break.

Summer HolidaysAnd it isn’t a problem to leave young kittens or new cats with us. The last year has seen a huge surge in the number of Brits welcoming new feline family members. It is estimated that more than 3 million households have welcomed new pets during 2020. More people have considered pet ownership over lockdown, as they have spent time working from home. Or they have enjoyed the new companionship that a feline friend can provide, when they have been spending time shielding or isolating at home. For many, a new cat has provided a boost to their mental health and wellbeing during an unprecedented and challenging time. Kittens have proved purrrfect playmates in many families with young children, who have been spending more time at home.

But owning a new cat, or more than one, need not prevent owners from making travel plans as lockdown eases over the coming months. Longcroft offers a caring, home-from-home environment for every feline guest that stays with us, whether they’re a rambunctious, playful kitten, or a sedate senior feline with particular medical needs.

At Longcroft we are experts in all things feline and the welfare and comfort of our furry guests is our absolute priority. From daily grooming and play sessions, to grain free or hand-cooked menu options, each aspect of a stay at Longcroft is crafted around the cats’ well-being and the owners’ peace of mind. Single or multi-cat families are catered for. Kittens, older cats, nervous cats, special diets and diabetic cats are all welcome!

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group now has 24 locations around the UK, each with between 6 and 8 interior designed suites. Every suite has a climate-controlled bedroom leading to a spacious play area, allowing guests space to climb and exercise as well as relax. Room service and plenty of expert one-on-one care and play come as standard, so your cats can enjoy an environment that is very close to the one they are used to at home. We provide a holiday for them, so you can enjoy your time away without worry. And we pride ourselves on providing regular communication throughout your trip, with updates and photographs, so you can see how your beloved kitty is enjoying their time with us.

If you have a cat and are hoping to get away this year, contact us about availability close to you. Call us on 020 3887 2443 or go to www.longcroftcathotel.co.uk/hotels/ to check out our locations.

Summer Holidays

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