A very kitty Christmas

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Longcroft Christmas Cat Hotel

Tis the season for relaxing by the fire with your contented cat curled up on your lap, letting the stresses of 2020 and your to-do list melt away. 

While we enjoy hosting (human) loved ones over Christmas, let’s not forget spoiling the feline loves of our lives. We’ve pulled together some ideas on how you can share the festive season with your cat. 

This Christmas dinner guide for pets might also provide more inspiration!

A slap-up meal

We’ll all be tucking into our once-a-year treat dinner of choice, so why not share something special for your four-legged family member too. While it may be tempting to fill their bowl with your leftovers, some elements of a traditional Christmas dinner are strictly human. 

Avoid sharing anything with onion or garlic, and don’t go sharing your Christmas pudding – dates, raisins and sultanas (and the alcohol they’re soaked in) are toxic for cats. 

Some shredded turkey and vegetables should do the trick.  

Photo opportunities

Our kitties are photogenic any time of the year but add a fairy light backdrop or a Santa-inspired prop and you’ve got yourself a cat model. Christmas is the season for family and every year with your pet is precious, so why not mark this one with a Christmas family portrait? 

Round up the clan in front of the tree with your camera on timer and don your matching Christmas hats (or if your cat isn’t a hat fan, maybe a Christmas collar would work best). The photos will make a perfect card for next year or an insert for a photo bauble! 

While you’re trying to guard your tree from your curious cat, there’s no denying they look pretty cute through the branches and fairy lights. Pop your phone on portrait mode and focus on your cat through the tree, they’ll be perfectly crisp among some hazy lights and branches. Add pro cat photographer to your CV. 

Christmas tree

Some mischievous kitties seem set on leaving their mark on the Christmas tree, unfortunately in the form of climbing unsteady branches or swiping at fragile baubles. 

Protect both your kitty and your tree by adding alert bells to lower branches or tying the top of the tree to your ceiling with fishing wire. 

There is a safe way to make a feline mark on the tree though – with a personalised pet bauble. Shop local with independent creative sellers and find anything from cat portrait baubles to creatively shaped personalised decorations. It’ll add a personal touch year after year.


Considering a cat’s ideal day involves sitting in a cardboard box, the containers from your own gifts will make their day. But if you want to step it up, the world of cat gifting is impressively broad. Add a kitty stocking to your fireplace line-up and fill it with their favourite treats and a special toy. 

Adding to their personalised collection, you could also consider a food bowl to make their Christmas dinner extra special or a new bed they’ll be happy to escape to when you’re entertaining. 

Cats love hiding and we love the little tents and teepees that are becoming increasingly popular – extra points if they complement your décor too! 

There’s so many different types of cat breeds. Find out more about your cat’s traits and personalities.

A midnight snack

After you’ve left milk and cookies for Santa, how about a little treat for you cat after their hard day of being adorable? There’s such a thing as cat prosecco – or “pawsecco,” a healthy and delicious herbal infusion that goes perfectly with some home-made cat biscuits. 


Stick on a classic Christmas movie starring a cat (yes cat Christmas movies are a thing) – such as Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (we’re assuming it ends well) or Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas. If you’re struggling to decide on paper and ribbon combos, have your cat’s expert sniffing make choices for you. Bring along an extra ball of parcel string so they can get fully involved in the festivities. Once you’re all wrapped, make sure to keep any food or alcohol gifts out of reach of your kitty – chocolate especially is extremely dangerous and can be a little too accessible under the tree. 

Cat holiday

If you’re making the difficult choice to leave your cat as you travel or visit family for festive period, Longcroft are here to make sure your kitty has the home from home Christmas they deserve. All of our esteemed guests will be bringing in the day in a cosy suite, treated to a complimentary upgrade. They’ll awaken to a perfectly curated stocking full of treats and toys, followed by a hand-prepared breakfast, possibly a treat from our “A La Cat” menu. They’ll have lots of afternoon play time and, like us after our Christmas dinner, be able to stretch out in their suite on the softest of pillows for a well-earned cat nap. This is all sounding too appealing as a human…but unfortunately our suites are only cat-sized. You can find your nearest Longcroft Hotel here. 

If you love to be social do pop over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  where you can watch many of their beautiful guests enjoying a spot of room service, feline pampering and festive holidays at Longcroft!  

You can also visit their website where you will find details of all our hotel locations or call our team on 020 3887 2443.



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