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Cat Hotspot
Is Britain a nation of cat or dog lovers?

Barking mad for dogs or total cat lovers?

Sainsbury’s Bank surveyed thousands of their pet loving customers to discover whether we are a nation of cat or dog lovers and the results are in!

Find out how your area compares to the rest of the nation below. Pop your postcode into the Sainsbury’s Bank interactive Pet Map to find out if you live in a cat hotspot and discover some interesting cat facts!

You can take a look at the results below …

Did you know? 

  • 19% of UK households have a cat.

  • 8% of UK households have both a cat and a dog.

  • Norwich has the highest level of cat ownership in the UK – 44% of households have a cat.

  • Got a feline friend called Poppy? You are not alone,  it’s the most popular cat name in the country!
  • The most popular cat breed  in London is the Domestic Shorthair.



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