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Cat Diary entry | A fine time at Longcroft Fontwell

It’s been some time since my last blog, so I thought I should update you on life at “my” Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell. Here in West Sussex its been so cold that I was happy to spend more time indoors “helping” Helen with hotel admin. Of course the best part is sitting on her work, and falling asleep.Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell Cattery Chichester Cat DiaryMy other duties involve meeting new guests and their families when they arrive. If they are really lucky I might even say hello. I also like to keep look out for new arrivals. When I feel energetic I climb the palm tree by the hotel. It has great views, and I can wave to the guests too!

I had a couple of adventures last year when I lost my way exploring the lovely fields and country lanes around the hotel.

I was very lucky to find a beautiful garden in which to hide until Helen finally found me. I was pretty pleased to see her and to be carried back to the hotel garden, and I made sure I had some delicious home cooked A La Cat meals as a reward!

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell Cattery Chichester Cat Diary

Helen seemed more upset than me, and it certainly reminded her of the benefits of a stay in a luxury cat hotel for kitties like me who enjoy the great outdoors. Although we may let our families know that we are not happy to be put in a box in the car (we always worry we are going to the Vets, horror of horrors) life in a lovely hotel like mine is great. We are safe and warm, and can decide whether we want to sleep in the lovely snug bedroom on a real pillow in a beautiful Longcroft bed, or enjoy the fresh air, and garden views from the super large cat trees. Guests here love watching and listening to the birds on the feeders, and we’ve even had a pheasant visiting to keep them entertained. Most guests tell me that whilst they love their families they’d be quite happy to stay on enjoying their peaceful break in the country.
Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell Cattery Chichester Cat DiaryHelen says it’s important that their families can take a holiday and not worry about what their kitties are doing whilst they are gone. Its lovely to have neighbours who can feed your cat. But they don’t usually have the time to provide the one-to-one care that Helen gives our lovely guests throughout the day, from early breakfast in bed, to our turndown service at bedtime.

So friends, if you hear your families planning some time away, remind them that you too would like a 5 star holiday, and recommend Longcroft.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love and purrs,

Mr Bentley =^^=

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell

(The Cat Diary of Mr Bentley | Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Fontwell, West Sussex)




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