A Day in the Life of Katja, Longcroft HQ

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Hello cat lovers,

My name is Katja and I work for Longcroft HQ. This is what my typical Longcroft day looks like:
Like in any other family, mornings are a bit manic and I don’t have the time to take nice pictures… We’ve made it to school, time to wave goodbye to the kids.
I work for Longcroft part time, and most of the time I enjoy working remotely from home. A real change from having to commute every day, even though the commute was in picturesque Switzerland, working for the Swiss McDonald’s HQ.
I love the freedom and flexibility I have now, not only because I can stick some washing in the dryer during my coffee break in the kitchen, but because Longcroft is just such a great place to work where I can use all of my experience and expertise in a super friendly and fun environment.
Today I am heading over to Longcroft HQ – Abi’s Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in Welwyn Garden City. The door is already wide open to welcome me and all the others taking part in the training day for our new franchisee in Fontwell, Helen.
Front door
Starting the day with a cup of coffee and a chat with Abi and her husband Matt in the garden. They’re even putting on their special silly faces for me today!
Abi and Matt
Before we start training our new franchisee Helen I have got a minute for some “quality control” (a sneaky cat cuddle) in Abi’s hotel, set in their beautiful garden.

Longcroft WGC
After going through lots of theory, cat welfare and best practice it is time for some hands on training. Serious faces all around when Abi talks us through the daily routine.
Training Day
We know that our facebook followers like to get a glimpse into life at Longcroft, so here is Lucy, taking some pictures of Abi and Helen (who is in charge of the feather toy in the background) playing with Roxie and Tilly.
Abi with Roxie and Tilly
I leave the training just as John the vet comes in to talk about cat health, diabetic cats and vaccinations with Helen. He comes armed with syringes and shows her how to safely inject cats – definitely a highlight of the training day.
But I am off, enjoying some after school chilling in the garden with some cat-inspired chalk drawing.
cat drawing
Looking forward to work tomorrow, when I will be working from home again on some exciting new things we are planning for the future.
Time to put my feet up, or maybe chase some kids around the garden with the hose while the fantastic British summer lasts!

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