Cool recipes for cats

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Hello cat lovers,

we hope you’re all enjoying some lazy summer days!

Here are our cool recipes for cats: a few ideas for cool summer treats!

Cool recipes for cats: Ice cubes

Even the least adventurous cook can rustle some of these up! You can either add them to your cat’s water bowl or give them on their own as a cool treat.

Cool recipes for cats: Frozen cat milk “surprise”

Instead of frozen water, treat your cat to a cube of frozen cat milk! Simply pour some cat milk into an ice cube tray and freeze.

You can make the cubes a lot more exciting by dropping in some surprise cat treats like thrive or a sprinkle of catnip.

Cool recipes for cats: Fish or chicken lollies

Poach some fresh chicken, tuna or salmon and make sure you keep the water you used for poaching.

Flake the fish or cut the chicken into small morsels and fill them into an ice cube tray. Add a sprinkle of catnip if you like.

Fill the rest of the ice cube mould with the infused water left over from poaching. Freeze.

And for bedtime..., Longcroft A la Cat Menu

Did your cat like their cool treat?



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