Escape to the Country at Longcroft

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Suite at Longcroft Royston cat hotel Cambridge Hertfordshire

A typical day at Longcroft Luxury Cat hotel :





For cat hotel guests, this means days (and nights) spent watching all manner of domestic and wild animal life passing by.  Cats staying at Longcroft can while away their days amused by the antics of our numerous chickens, be entertained by the ewes and lambs grazing and gambolling in our paddock, or wait to see the pheasants, deer, rabbits, hare or multitude of bird life that may visit us each day.  Every summer swallows return from South Africa to nest  – the first sighting over Easter weekend was certainly a welcome one, and we can now look forward to watching flocks of fledglings doing airborne acrobatics around the cat hotel, as they build up the strength for their winter migration.

Lambs at Longcroft Royston cattery Cambridge Hertfordshire

Another pleasure of being “off the beaten track” is the peace and tranquility that we and our guests enjoy, making the cats’ holidays as restful and relaxing as their owners’.

My day starts with an early rise to check on the sheep, fill up their water and see if we have had any more lambs born overnight, and then to let the chickens out and collect their eggs. Then it’s breakfast for our feline guests, with the radio playing in the background. Every guest is groomed, has fresh water, and is given some individual attention to set them up for the day.

My day varies depending on the guests that I have holidaying with me. Some guests have lunch, whilst others may prefer a mid afternoon snack or something from the A La Cat™ menu.  Afternoons may see guests checking out or new arrivals, but there’s always time for more play and fun for each of my guests. I tend to take a few photos at this point to send on to owners so that they can be reassured that all is well back home; before it’s time for supper (feline and human!)

 After checking again on the sheep, and chickens – it’s time for a final tidy up and cuddle, and then it’s lights out, radio off and all settle down for the evening (although I’m sure that that’s when the party starts in the cat hotel…)

 guest at Longcroft Royston cat hotel Cambridge Hertfordshire

It’s a pleasure to share this with my feline guests, who always look happy and relaxed during their rural retreat –  especially when the bantams take a stroll past their suites.

If you would like your cats to enjoy an escape to the country then please get in touch!


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