Top 10 Cat Treats

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Hello cat lovers,

we all love to spoil our cats, so we thought we’d share Longcroft’s top 10 cat treats with you today!

Longcroft’s Top 10 Cat Treats

1. Catnip. Whether stuffed into a toy or sprinkled onto food, catnip is always good!

2. Dreamies! Most of you already know that we have a serious Dreamies addiction here at Longcroft…

Who wants dreamies? Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel



Who loves Dreamies? Buddy says: “Me!”



3. Thrive – we love the tuna treats!

4. Lick-e-Licks – yummy, and very handy if kitty is not so keen on medicine!

5. Whiskas dentabits – teeth brushing really can be fun!

6. Felix crispies – definitely moreish!

But not all cat treats are food related!

7. Cuddles, a treat for human and cat alike!

cat treats - cuddles



Plenty of cuddles for everybody at Longcroft!



8. Laser pointer games, to spark a mad chase

9. A luxurious bed to relax in after all the excitement

luxurious bed cat treat

Lisha couldn’t be more relaxed!



And, of course:

10. A holiday at Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels!

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