To be or not to be a franchisee?

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To join Longcroft as a franchisee or not …

From a very early age, I was fiercely independent, having been told by my parents that hard work, dedication and honesty would open doors to success and set me up for life! Now 43 years old, after many gruelling years as an ’employee’ and following their advice, I realise that was not strictly true!

I craved contentment, happiness and freedom to just be ‘me’ – something that I had not felt in either my career or personal life for a very long time.

The question was, what did I want to do and how would I achieve it?

I first met Abi when I took my beloved British Blue boy ‘Mr B’ to Longcroft Welwyn. I had spent the previous week researching local catteries and came away crying after seeing ten, all of which were clearly unsuitable. After speaking at length with Abi, I felt an overwhelming desire to change my lifestyle. I could so relate to all of her reasons for building this amazing Luxury Cat Hotel and the financial and emotional freedom it gave her and her family.

Family and friends initially thought I had gone mad and I was faced with questions: Why a franchise? Why not go it alone? Out of respect for their opinions and concern that I was going to blow my life savings, I devised a pros and cons list for becoming a ‘franchise owner’ versus ‘going it alone’. Only then was it apparent which path was right for me.

Everyone’s wants and needs are different, so my reasons for becoming a franchise owner would not necessarily suit the next person. It was right for me, and Longcroft Braintree opened its doors on March 22, 2015!

Here are a handful of reasons as to why, after only 8 weeks in business, I feel happy, free and truly contented. My saying now is ‘Wish it, Dream it, Do it’!

  • It had been done before – with a track record of success
  • Ongoing operational support from the Longcroft Management team and Longcroft Family (other franchisees)
  • A strong ‘brand’ which has gone from strength to strength and become an award winning business
  • Marketing and PR expertise to ensure continued exposure in the relevant business areas
  • Ongoing training/learning and sharing best practice within the Longcroft team
  • Innovative ideas and keeping up with market trends
  • Be my own boss
  • Be in control of my own workload and schedule
  • Emotional and financial independence
  • Work from home allowing me to spend quality time with friends and family
  • Meeting lovely people who share the same passion as me….. the love for furry children!

If you think being a Longcroft franchisee could be right for you, too, have a look on the franchise page or get in touch:


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