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Are you a farmer looking for the possibility of farm diversification and increasing your farm revenue?

Thinking outside the box and becoming a member of the Longcroft family could be the way for you to go!

There is a huge demand for luxury cat accommodation in the UK amongst the more discerning of the nation’s 11 million cat owners and demand at the moment far exceeds supply. Become a member of the Longcroft family by opening your own Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel franchise on your family farm!

Joining an established multi award winning business is a great comfort for cat owners wishing to use Longcroft hotels. This in itself is invaluable. To launch as a solo cat hotel and build these elements of your business from scratch, including creating and registering a business and domain name, building a website and social media network, designing stationery, and commissioning photographers, writers, PR and Marketing, would be very time consuming and expensive. There are other networking benefits that come from joining the Longcroft family, such as the reassurance that there’s always someone to reach out to when needed. It’s a ‘mini’ business network with those who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of your business.

Longcroft has a dedicated PR team who create a launch plan for each hotel. We use our press contacts to arrange for franchisees to get featured in the local press, on the radio and potentially TV. This ensures that their Longcroft Hotel opening gains an immediate high profile within their region. We also have an annual marketing plan which includes month by month campaigns to ensure bookings are kept at full volume. Finally we have fully designed promotional templates – for local advertising, leaflets and email newsletters for franchisees to make use of, plus a supportive network of head office team and other franchisees.

If you are looking for an individual, flexible and successful way of farm diversification in order to increase your farm revenue then you should have a closer look at our franchise page and get in touch with our franchise team, at franchise@longcroftcathotel.co.uk

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